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May 02, 2013 at 06:55 AM

adding a Clickable picture wich enlarges at mouse-over in your Dashboard?


I want to add a Clickable picture which enlarges at mouse-over

For example, if you hover on the factory-map several parts of the factory are outlined and zoomed a little bit to emphasis what you are looking at.

You can easily create this by using dynamic visibilty and showing enlarged pictures on where your mouse is located when you hover over a transparant icon component

I now want to create transparant buttons on my dashboard which lead to Source and Destinations so I can show a KPI corresponding to the part of the picture the user clicked...
But then things stop working...

If I set the button ON TOP (move to front) the button still works but the flashy activity (zoom when you hover on the picture) stops working.

If I set the button to the BACK, the flashy activity of the picture (outline and zoom when you hover on the picture) is working, but the button functionality is not working

Is there a way to get BOTH WORKING... so hovering over my picture and showing a enlarged picture and also a clickable button??