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May 01, 2013 at 03:36 PM

Price List behavior when Purchase and Inventory UoM are different (e.g. FT vs. Meter)


Hi ,

After reading the question at " Purchase in KG and inventory in LBs " (

I have the following related question:

Can you comment on whether SAP B1 price list for the above thread is also "aware" and responds to the conversion factor between Purchase UoM and the Inventory UoM (this conversion is a field in the Item Master record - under purchasing tab).

I have setup a Purchase price list for the item I purchase.

My item Purchase UoM is FT (we purchase wires) and the inventory UoM is Meters. So the conversion factor is 0.305 Items per purchase unit.

It works fine with the inventory - I purchase 1000 FT, and I automatically receive into the inventory 303 meters.

My question is related to the price conversion (if at all).

The price is $0.352 per FT, and that is how I have set up the price list.

However, when I create the purchase order, (with "Stock UoM" = NO), I notice that the Unit price is converted into $0.107, while I was expecting the $0.352 price per foot to be used.

It seems to me, that if this is how the system works, I need to setup my Purchase Price List so that the price is for the UoM of the invnetory, and not per the UoM of the purchase unit, does this make sense?

(I dont see in the 8.8 SAP B1 version any association between a Price List and a UoM been used - is that correct?)

thanks in advance,