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May 01, 2013 at 08:54 AM

Calendar popup for Char-field



I have created a wd-ui input field representing a classification characteristic value as a char-field lenght 30.

Dynamically at run time my characteristic input field sometimes is a date.

I need a calendar input help for my wd-input field but only when it is representation a date.

Normally input help for a date is only possible for input fields type DATS.

I dont success dynamically to change my input field data declaration to type DATS.

I successed in setting the Search Help dynamically.

When I set at Seach Help where a calendar popup for a char-field is coded in the Search Help Exit function e.g. BU_DATE_CHAR I get a dump in WD but not from GUI.

The search help dumps in call function 'F4_DATE' .

Any possible way to get a fm 'F4_DATE' which works in a WD envirronment?

Or any other solution?

Thanks Kim Brandt