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Apr 30, 2013 at 07:15 PM

Error in applying Support Stack 13 to Netweaver 7.02


Hi All,

I am applying Support Stack 13 to Netweaver 7.02.

I selects packages then stops cluster and while starting it gives message Cluster not started waiting 5 seconds....

asn so on.

I never starts cluster.I tried different SAP notes,parameters but nothing worked.

From the logs what I have seen is

Deployment will be performed in engine mode UPGRADE as deployment threshold set in JSPM config file is reached.

Restarting cluster SEP in SAFE mode

I removed instance from SAFE mode tried to restart but again it came to same point.

Then I checked jspm_config.txt in /usr/sap/SEP/JC60/j2ee/JSPM/param.

here parameter /jspm/deploymentEngineMode was set to SAFE_UPGRADE, I commented it and set it to NORMAL.

And afterwards stacks went ahead.

Just wanted to share this information as I could not get this when I was looking for it on SDN.


Best Regards,