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Apr 30, 2013 at 06:11 PM

Extending reduced message type?


Hope somebody can help.

We have reduced a message type MATMASDI to ZMATMAS_DI and reduced this via BD53. Now we have found that we need to extend the REDUCED message type ZMATMAST_DI with a customized Z segment. How to achieve that, how to extend the reduced message type with a Z segment??

Leads me to more questions:

  1. If extending a basic idoctype with a Zsegment, if then that basic idoctype is linked to an extension, will that extension then automatically include the new segment added to the extended idoc type?
  2. How about the reduced idoc types that are linked with basic types - will these reduced idoctypes include the added segment to the extended basic idoctypes?

Hope someone can help 😊