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Apr 30, 2013 at 04:36 PM

LOV on Hierarchy Node- BICS connection


Hi All,

I have a issue in hierarchy node selection through dashboard, and query, let me explain it with an example.

I have a Info object called ZINFO_OBJECT which has 4 level of hierarchy(level 1 till level 4, Level 4 being the actual value posted in Cube level)

now this info object has hierarchy prompt being used in both Bex query as well as Dashboard.

but the Business is looking for is, in dashboard they just wanted to see level 1 till level 3 in hierarchy node variable prompt

where as in BEx they are expecting to see all the nodes in a variable.

Exp: ZINFO_OBJECT--> Level 4 -->area code( values-- MMR, ABC, XYZ)

Level 3-- > Market

Level 2 --> Region

Level 1--> All

in dash board they wanted to select the hierarchy variable prompt till market (they do not want to see Area code distributed).

in Query they wanted to see variable prompt till Area Code.

Please let me know any idea on how to achive it, any thing we can put it in dashboard or in Query level.