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SAP Hana Express Edition 2.0 : Error building Core_db

Jan 09, 2017 at 04:24 PM


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I have down loaded and intalled Hana Express 2.0 in VMware Workstation 12. I was trying to create User-Provided service and Synonyms to access non-HDI container schema SFLIGHT. When I tried to build core_db, I get following error.



9:29:06 PM (Builder) Build of /openSAPHana5/core_db started. 9:29:08 PM (DIBuild) Build of /openSAPHana5/core_db in progress 9:29:14 PM (DIBuild) ********** Printing /openSAPHana5/core_db Build Log **********
[INFO] Injecting source code into builder...
[INFO] Source code injection finished
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
no cache found for current build module
deploy@ /hana/shared/HXE/xs/controller_data/executionagent/executionroot/7ec32a9f-af25-4ee2-9900-231ab5d38642/app/META-INF/.java_xs_buildpack/tomcat/temp/builder/hdi-builder/builds/build-2591216208915757036/core_db
└─┬ sap-hdi-deploy@2.2.0
├── async@1.4.2
├── hdb@0.8.1
└─┬ sap-xsenv@1.2.2
├─┬ debug@2.2.0
│ └── ms@0.7.1
└─┬ verror@1.6.0
└── extsprintf@1.2.0

> deploy@ start /hana/shared/HXE/xs/controller_data/executionagent/executionroot/7ec32a9f-af25-4ee2-9900-231ab5d38642/app/META-INF/.java_xs_buildpack/tomcat/temp/builder/hdi-builder/builds/build-2591216208915757036/core_db
> node node_modules/sap-hdi-deploy/deploy.js

sap-hdi-deploy, version 2.2.0, server version (
Using service replacements from environment variable "SERVICE_REPLACEMENTS" with 1 replacements
Collecting files...
Collecting files... ok (0s 3ms)
Processing grants files...
Error: Error executing: SET SCHEMA "SFLIGHT";(nested message: invalid schema name: SFLIGHT: line 1 col 12 (at pos 11))
grantor service: hdi-sflight-service, granting user: SYSTEM
file name: /hana/shared/HXE/xs/controller_data/executionagent/executionroot/7ec32a9f-af25-4ee2-9900-231ab5d38642/app/META-INF/.java_xs_buildpack/tomcat/temp/builder/hdi-builder/builds/build-2591216208915757036/core_db/cfg/SFLIGHT.hdbgrants
(0s 225ms)

npm ERR! Linux 3.12.49-11-default
npm ERR! argv "/hana/shared/HXE/xs/controller_data/executionagent/executionroot/7ec32a9f-af25-4ee2-9900-231ab5d38642/app/META-INF/resources/nodejs/vendor/node6.9/bin/node" "/hana/shared/HXE/xs/controller_data/executionagent/executionroot/7ec32a9f-af25-4ee2-9900-231ab5d38642/app/META-INF/resources/nodejs/vendor/node6.9/lib/node_modules/npm/bin/npm-cli.js" "start"
npm ERR! node v6.9.1
npm ERR! npm v3.10.8
npm ERR! deploy@ start: `node node_modules/sap-hdi-deploy/deploy.js`
npm ERR! Exit status 1
npm ERR!
npm ERR! Failed at the deploy@ start script 'node node_modules/sap-hdi-deploy/deploy.js'.
npm ERR! Make sure you have the latest version of node.js and npm installed.


how can I fix this error for successfully deploying core_db?

how would I know if SFLIGHT schema is installed on server? I tried to connect server with Hana Studio with SYSTEM user and search for SFLIGHT, it could not find it in catalog.



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Florian Pfeffer
Jan 09, 2017 at 05:39 PM

In HANA Express by default the SFLIGHT schema (including the data) is not installed. So you get that error.

You can follow the steps in post HOWTO – Import SFLIGHT sample data into HANA from a local computer to download the required data and to install it in HANA Express.

But please be aware. The download link for the SFLIGHT database schema zip file was changed recently. It links to file sharing platform now. Please check that you do not download/install any crap offered by the site (but after clicking the right buttons you can download the required file).


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Former Member

Thank you, Florian. As you said, link does not work, it produce all malicious crap. Is there anyway you can share this zip if you have it?




Hello Vipul,

sent you a link to a shared folder on my private OneDrive account which includes the SFLIGHT demo data. You can use that until the link the post is correct.

The author of the post was informed that he should adjust the link to a secure one. Also the link in the post was removed by me (as a moderator task), to avoid that people download malware.