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Former Member
Apr 30, 2013 at 12:10 PM

Migo for Asset, incorrectly used GR Non-valuated (not ticked) -> Accounting Documents



Could anyone help me with a situation where, there is a migo and reversal (101 and 102) for Asset (Accounting Assignment Category , A=Asset), and the GR Non-valuated checkbox was incorrectly not ticked.

This had the effect that the migo produced also accounting documents, which wouldn't normally appear, when there would have been a tick on the GR Non-valuated checkbox. And the weird thing is that the 101 posting doesn't have Fund and Fund center in the accounting document, even when they are present at the purchase order accounting assignment sheet. AND the 102 posting (the reversal) has these two accounting dimensions. (So these two postings differ in accounting)

My question is from where does the accounting assignment determination come from is this situation (when the po was a bit wrong) ??

In other words from where can I check the settings, because I believe there has to be a difference somewhere for the 101 and 102 postings.

I've tested this with and without a material number and the same thing happens. So I don't think any of the material settings apply.