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Apr 30, 2013 at 09:28 AM

Tcs on sale tax calculation..


Hi Guru's,

I have configured TCS on sale and the accounting entry i am getting is as below

Customer a/c dr 14835/-

To sales a/c cr -14400/-

To CST payble cr -288/-

To TCS pybl-206C-Bsc cr -147.00/- Base amount for which is Sales + CST payble (14400+288)

TCS pybl-206C-Bsc dr 145.47/- Base amount for which is Sales + TCS payble-206c-Bsc (14400+147)

To TCS offset acct cr -145.47/-

I just want to confirm if the system is taking the correct base amount for calculating the TCS value,i.e., both 147 and 145.47.

My client required that both the TCS values must be same i.e Rs 147 but i have tried it by testing it with different configuration for base amount. Please provide your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in advance.