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Apr 30, 2013 at 05:38 AM

Need Info on BADI/ FM/ Enhancement Spot - TECO POP up



We have a Requirement that if a control key in the order is XXX ( for e.g.) then at TECO in the pop up we should grey out the Date field and default that date value based on certain logic.


Just to pass date value for TECO and disable the pop up but only when the control Key is XXX.

I am a functional person but I am searching for a BADI / Enhancement spot to do this. Can any of you experienced folks can suggest. We are in EHP 6 and in include LCOIHFG8 for the function module CO_IO_ARCH_POPUP is where pop up is Triggering, but I don't know how to pass a date here and disable a pop up based on certain condition.