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Apr 29, 2013 at 01:39 PM

Problems with refreshing ALV-Grid (OO)


Hello everybody,

I'm working with some editable ALV Grid (object oriented with method set_table_for_first_display) at the moment.

Therefor I got the following problem: I want to refresh the list after some user has entered / changed any value. This is for sure no problem while working with method refresh_table_display in event data_changed_finished. The refresh works fine so after any input the list gets updated as I want to. But my problem is that the list is getting refreshed to slow.

E.g. I got an ALV grid with 10 entries. In every row I have the column 'area'. I want to type in the same value 'N001' in every 'area' field. So I only work with the keyboard by using the arrow keys to get from cell to cell. So I'm working like this: first typing in 'N' in cell1 then go to next cell by using arrow down then typing in N again and so on. And it looks like that this method is too fast for the ALV grid refresh because often my typed in value will get lost because of the refresh of the list in the same moment.

So is there any way to get this better or do I have to live with the 'slow' refresh?

Kind Regards

Michael Boguth