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Apr 29, 2013 at 10:50 AM

0101- Model inspection at GR defaulted instead of preferred insp type 01



I've encountered the following behavior: material has activated insp type 01 and 0101, the preferred insp type is placed on 01. Although the PrefInsp flag is placed on 01 insp type at each GR for PO an inspection lot of type 0101 is created.

Expected behavior: if the PreffInsp flag is placed on 01, an insp lot with type 01 should be created.

Possible reasons for this could be: existance of QInfo record with source inspection 0101 (in this case does not apply), external operation (in this case does not apply), customer enhancement in which it is mentioned the 0101 insp type.(the 0101 insp type in mentioned in one user exit)

According to your previous experience could this be defaulted as being used in a user exit?