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Apr 29, 2013 at 10:49 AM

Dynamically create UI5 table


Hi Experts, I am having 2 table UIs in my HTML5 page. Both these tables have just 1 column each.The purpose is to allow the user to select any row in table 1 then select a row in table 2, and show the 2 selections in a third table with 2 columns with the 2 selected values. For eg., If first table has 1 column having values like below Header 1Value1Value2Value3 and second table has a column having values like Header 2Num1Num2Num3 then suppose user selects Value2 from first table and Num3 from second table, I want to create a third table and show the values in 2 columns like below and keep adding rows to the below table whenever user selects a combination of values from both above tables: Header 1Header 2Value2Num3 Can anyone please guide me how I can achieve dynamically adding rows to a table? Regards,Saurabh