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Apr 29, 2013 at 10:12 AM

valueSelect and submit Events


Hello guys,

i use an interactive form in a webdynpro environment. I have a search help on the form which works well, but this seach help only fills one field in the form i.e. a personal number. I need more information on the form first name, last name and so on. So i tried to use the submit event directly after the valuehelp event but this is not working. With the submit event i want to read the field wich is filled by the valuehelp in the webdynpro action to read the other information and bring it via context to the form.

It is working with an addictional button with the submit in the click-event. But i dont want that the user must click 2 times (first value help second the addictional button). Is there any way to start


"valueSelect", .....

ContainerFoundation_JS.SendMessageToContainer(, "submit", "", "", "", "");

after each other?

Or is it possible to raise a click-event in the field which is filled by the value help to start the submit?

Thank you for your help