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Apr 29, 2013 at 07:05 AM

Failed to load database information


Hi all,

I wonder if someone can help me, I am sitting with a problem where when i load a report in 32bit it loads fine but when i change my target platform to 64bit it gives me this error:

Failed to load database information.

Error in File xxxx {25FF4AB2-7F1E-4D06-A330-B1A978B1F276}.rpt

Failed to load database information.

I am using the following:

C# WinForms (VS2012) .NET Framework 4.5

Win 7 64bit

CRVS SP5 (13.0.5).

With ODBC connections

I don't understand why it works on 32bit platform and when i change it to 64bit platform it doesn't work. From the error i thought the database login is not passed through but when i debug it makes a connection to my database but does not display the report.

I have tried to google the problem and read all the threads on this forum to try find a solution.

I have also reinstalled .NET 4.5 and CRVS but that did not help me.

I hope that someone can help me