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Apr 28, 2013 at 01:36 PM

Confusion with HANA Cloud pricing



After having built a few HANA Cloud apps, I now want to go productive.

but looking at the details it's quite confusing:

in the Apps store:

It seems like only $439.12 per year - AWESOME!

I have no idea what "header cumulation" means and even when I JFGI I'm still none the wiser.

but further down on same page:

4342.88 EUR per year

Now if I assume that this means the main advertised price is a monthly figure not an annual (which is far from clear) then I'm buying my currency from SAP because at current rates, I'd have to pay 458.53 AUD per month to get that EUR figure quoted.

So, question, is my path to using SAP HANA Cloud really as cheap as the headline price on the SAP Store, and if not what is that price and what is the real price?

BTW if the headline price is actually a monthly price it is very strange to advertise that as you can only buy the service in 12 month blocks!

Help me understand folks!


Pricing1.png (25.7 kB)
Pricing2.png (20.6 kB)