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Apr 27, 2013 at 08:21 PM

What is the starting point to learn SAP BWBIBO and SAP HANA?



I'm SaiKrishna Ghanta. I'm fresh masters student. I have had some knowledge in programming languages. I do also have good knowledge in database. I'm from India. I want to start my career in SAP technologies. I started reading about SAP BOBJ and its evolution. I felt really interesting. However, to seek good job opportunity in SAP BIBOBW module, what exactly I should learn and where exactly I should start? I heard about new kind of SAP database, HANA which has bright future. Please guide me. I have few points or questions to get answered.

1. SAP BI 7.0 along with SAP BOBJ 4.0 -> What are the chances of placing in job if I learned these two?

2. 1 + SAP BODS -> Should we must learn data services along with BI and BO?

3. 1 + 2 + SAP HANA 1.x -> How much impact it has in the current job market since it is just beginning?

4. 1 + 3 is just enough?

5. Should we must have experience to do certification?

Thanks in advance,