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Apr 27, 2013 at 04:37 PM

India Payroll - Loan Error


Dear Sap Gurus,

I have configured 2 loans type - Personal Loan (9400) & Emergency Loans (9401).

Personal loans (9400) is configured as installment loans with 2 conditions - a) 0% interest

b) 5% interest

And emergency loans (9401) as annuity loans with 1 conditions - a) 5% interest

Now i am unable to understand 2 steps -

1)Control allocations of loans (Adapt Feature - ALOAN ) where we maintain loan groupings - I have assigned Personal Loan (9400) with NKL1 grouping with 0% condition and Personal Loan (9400) with 5% interest condition & emergency loans (9401) with NKL2 grouping

2) Maintain Loan Groupings - Now as per above loan grouping, in this 40LGR feature i am able to put 9400 loan type in NKL1 grouping but in above step 9400 loan with 5% ineterst is in NKL2 grouping how to solve this

And 9401 with NKL2 grouping whereas it should also contain 9400 with 5% rate of interest condition which system is not allowing me to enter..

Can u please throw some light on this...

Moreover when i am running the payroll.....installment amount is deducting accurately but interest is not at all calculating at all and in second month hen i am again running payroll system is displaying error - Difference calculation is not possible....

Screen shots of all my config. i will share it with you asap......But in the mean time please clarify on these above 2 steps