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Aug 26, 2005 at 09:55 AM

Analysis Process Designer and performance


Hello BW-world,

For a very large Bank in the Netherlands we have plans in building the follwing scenario:

1->Flat files are loaded into PSA tables as transaction data

2->APD will transform this data from PSA into transactional ODS's (no delta capability but very fast)

3->An infoset will be built to link info-objects (hierary enabled) and the transactional ODS's

4->A Bex query will be used on top of this info set

5->This Bex query is input in a APD-process, then aggregation takes place in this APD, then flat files will be created in this APD-process.


How will 2)perform when we have millions of records to transfer,

How will 4) perform on an infoset with 20 entities in the infoset?

How will 5)perform when there are millions of records in the query that have to be aggregated to a couple of thousands of records?

Thanks for any comments!

Best regards,