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Former Member
Apr 26, 2013 at 07:43 PM

correction in COPA docs : best way to do


Hi ,

We need to do corrections for some posted COPA docs ; the reasons for corrections are :

1. COGS break up not flown to copa for some billing docs whose dates are before cost release date ; the cost release date was 4th April13 , the billing docs for 1/2/3 April when posted in COPA were having COGS overall fig ( from VPRS ) but not the break up .

2. Wrong / changed condition type to value field mapping .

What's the best way to carry out ? for 2nd scenario I believe KE4S + KE4S00 is best ; but the same will not work for 1st scenario 'cos even if I repost the billing docs it won't be able to COGS break up because of date problem .

Any suggestion or expert comment on this ?

Thanks & Regards