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Pricing Procedure with Same Condition types

Hi Experts,

My scenario is that , We have two kinds of Products A and B .The prices of Product B is 500 less than Product A. In system there are just material codes of Product A. Therefore , for prices of Product B we use discount condition type.

Like . PR00 (Selling Price of product A) -ZCAS= Final Selling price of Product . But FI do not want posting on DIS G/L they want posting of complete sales of product B on sales G/L . Like , Pr00-ZCAS= X...This X Amount should hit with ERL G/L .

I created new condition type by copying PR00 as ZPR0 . I have added one table "Sales Org" in access seq of ZPR0. In Condition Type ZPRO i use Percentage Calculation type and then maintain condition record of ZPR0 on 100%. In pricing procedure i marked PR00 and ZCAS as statistical and then assign ZPR0  after Gross Price (PR00-ZCAS).

My concerned is that if i will create order of Product A then Pr00 will be coming with Final selling price of A and when i will add condition type ZPR0 then it will automatically copy the PR00 as 100% in Final selling price

Similarly , when i will create order of product B then with PR00 i wl use ZCAS condition type so i will get selling price of Product B then ZPR0 will copy it as 100% in Final Selling price .But i am facing some problems:

1. In product A , as i will enter ZPR0 then net value comes correctly but Tax amount is coming same as of net value and then value exclusive of sales tax is coming double of PR00 instead of net value + tax (refer screen shot )

2. In product B, as i enter 500 in ZCAS then net value and tax become 0  (refer screen shot)

Please guide


product B.jpg (259.4 kB)
product A.jpg (262.0 kB)
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3 Answers

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    Apr 28, 2013 at 01:28 PM


    I have seen whatever you uploaded Screen shots here but your screen shots clearly telling ,you did wrong in Pricing Procedure .

    Screen Shot 1 : PR00  - Deactivated

                           ZPR00 - Activated  ( You got Net Value and Some amount Tax )

    Screen Shot 2 : PR00  - Activated  but It is Statistical

                           ZCAS - Activated  but It is Statistical  

                           ZPR00 - Deactivated  

    Note : Tax will be calculated on Net Value so in this case ,your PR00 is Statistical and ZPR00 is Deactivated so how system will be calculate Tax in this case .

    Please let me know If you have any doubts.



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    • Dear Naren,

      I have solved my problem . You are right that the scenario is quite complex and confusing to understand therefore it's solution too. Yes, i am using one pricing procedure for both Std and Sec products.

      1. I get my solution from the same pricing procedure as i mentioned u earlier.

      2. The problem was in the steps of pricing procedure due to which in Sec i was nt getting net value and tax.

      3. ZPR0 Is copied condition type of PR00 .. as % calculation type.On access Seq i created one more step as Sales Org and created ZPRO condition record as 100%  . So, ZPRO can copied 100% pricing value applied on that Sales Org.

      4. I run complete OTC cycle with Accounting doc and all entries are coming perfectly in relevant G/L as desired by FI.

      I am enclosing screen shots in future if any one face such problem can tke guidance from that.

      Lot f thanks fr ur guidance nd cooperation


      Thank You

      Item Cond.jpg (123.0 kB)
      Pric.Proc.jpg (201.6 kB)
  • Apr 28, 2013 at 12:56 PM


    Your post is interesting!

    Two comments:

    1. It would be clearer (for all parties - your company / client; their customers) if you have two different MMRs for two different materials (Product A and Product B)

    Why doesn't your company have two MMRs? (material master records)

    2. Check the pricing procedure, the Steps and the way the condition types, lines e.g. "Net value" have been set up.

    This has an impact on why net value etc. is incorrect. (e.g. 0 etc.)

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    • Dear T W,

      Thanks fr reply

      I agree from ur comments that cause of main problem is due to no availability of MMR of secondary products but in actual we have just material codes of Standard Products b/c classification of products on Standard and Secondary is at batches level . At batches we confirmed that this product is Std or Sec .

      I also tried by creating Acc Seq with material and batches bt it can not solve my problem as well b/c we have several batches against each material.


  • Apr 28, 2013 at 05:49 PM


    I have re-read the requirement.

    Basically your requirement is that the entire value X (in other words, the price of Product B) should go to a particular G/L account (not a part in discount G/L account).

    Pr00-ZCAS= X...This X Amount should hit with ERL G/L .

    ZCAS is not a discount condition type (per-se).

    In the pricing procedure, for ZCAS give Account key = ERL

    and PR00 give Account key = ERL

    Now if the billing document contains Product A

    The PR00 = Y USD

    This value shall go to G/L account (which has ERL account key) e.g. 510020

    if the billing document contains Product B

    The PR00 = Y USD

    ZCAS = y

    The ENTIRE value X (Y-y) shall go to G/L account (which has ERL account key) e.g. 510020

    Added: No need for activating field "Statistical" for any condition type, in your pricing procedure.

    For Tax

    In your pricing procedure, there is no need to have "From" (=80 etc.), keep that field blank.

    As I had suggested, please take pricing procedure RVAA01 as your reference w.r.t. setup of condition types in a pricing procedure.

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    • Dear T W,

      Thanks fr reply,

      I tried with PR00 copy ZPR00 n place of ZCAS bt as i enter ZPR00 fr secondary PR00 become deactivated and it just tke value of ZPR00.

      Anyway , dear i get my solution frm previous configuration

      PR00 should be statistical

      ZPR also should be statistical

      ZPR0( make a new condition copy of PR00) and it should be final

      selling price and assign ERL accounting key against condition

      I exactly designed my pricing procedure like that and an additional thing I did was make ZPR0 as % Calculation type then assign one access sequence as sales organization relevant to Access Seq of ZPR0. Then created condition record as 100%.

      Now in pricing procedure I put ZPR0 exactly in same place as (PR00-ZCAS) and then assign additional step before MWST calculation as Final Price and in column From i put step of ZPRO. Now , when I run testing scenario PR00 deactivated but ZPR00 copied PR00 value as 100% in Final Selling price Step.

      I got my results perfectly right with ZCAS and without ZCAS . Net values with tax and without tax all are coming correctly. On accounting doc the sales revenue (PR00+ZCAS) is coming on same G/L ERL . No error in accounting doc creation as well.

      Your assistance is highly worthwhile because you suggested me to change the steps f pricing procedure ..nd tht changes worked fr me .

      Thanks a lot!