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Apr 26, 2013 at 07:32 AM

print PDF document from shared drive on printer stored in sap table.



I need to print the pdf document which is stored at some path say c:/path to a printer whose name is stored is SAP TAble say printer name.

Below is my code which is able to print the document on default printer of user but I need to pass the printer name and document should print on that printer not on default printer.Kindly suggest if you have any idea here.

Call method cl_gui_frontend_services=>execute


application = 'ACROD32.EXE'

parameter = '/p /h c:\path'

minimized = 'X'.

The above code works fine to print on default printer but I need to pass printer name here so that document printed on that printer.

Please suggest if I can use below code:

Call method cl_gui_frontend_services=>execute


document = 'ACROD32.EXE /t c:\path <printer name>'.

Please try code at ur systems first than only reply or if you are 100% sure.