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Apr 25, 2013 at 09:29 PM

Time Constraint - BUBA - Relationship Categories - Anyone have details on the Time Constraint field?


BUBA - BuPR: Relationship Categories

I have created several custom Business Partner (BP) Relationship Categories using transaction BUBA. I created the first one by copying one of the standard SAP BP Relationship Categories, and then I created the others by copying the first one that I created.

As part of maintaining my custom BP Relationship Categories, I'd like to make sure that I select the appropriate values for the fields in the Semantic Checks section, and I'd like some further information on the Time Constraint field and its valid values.

Time Constraint

From the F4 search help list for the Time Constraint field, I see that the following is the list of available valid values from which to choose:

No time constraint 0 No time constraint 1 Record must have no gaps, no overlap 2 Record may have gaps but no overlap 4 Record exists at least once from minumum to maximum

Can anyone tell me what each of these five values means and what effects each has, including examples of how each one could be used?


I see that the following is the only F1 help information that's available for this Time Constraint field, and I'd really like some more information, to help me select which value is appropriate for each of my custom BP Relationship Categories:

Time Constraint

Describes how the validity intervals for an object can be arranged on the time axis.


Note: I'm adding the following text, which includes a correction of a misspelling in the SAP system, only so that if anyone is searching on the corrected spelling, this discussion can be returned in their search results: Record exists at least once from minimum to maximum