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Apr 25, 2013 at 04:17 PM

Help Me Understand..


So over the Past few months I believe the Development studio has taken a turn for the worse.. And maybe it is just me not understanding.( yes I have read all the emails and such on it). But No-one has yet to provide me with a good reason why Scaleable solutions are History. How does a "Template" even compare.

From what I understand (possibly Wrong) these are the issues with Templates replacing Scalable Solutions

  • No Key user Tools (reports/forms....)
  • No Modification of Existing Byd Screens
  • No Mass Patch System meaning if there is an upgrade/Fix to the Template Every individual System would have to be manually modified and upgraded..(How is this sustainable?)
  • The whole system is moving towards a Customer-Specific model.. where Mass Marketed and/or vertical Add-ons are not really feasible anymore. as there is no way to mass manage them.
  • Templates will be on the store (sometime) But how will this work if our Solution includes enhancements to Existing UIs , Mashups, forms, reports and how will updates/Patches work. In a store model the Partner should not have to access the Customers Tenant at all.
  • And If Scaleable Solutions are Still around Why would I need Permission Before Developing shouldn't it be a Store Approval process after development like every other Store / Development system. and like it has been.. Have people been abusing it (by the number of actual store apps I Doubt that)

I am looking for a good explanation of where things are going and have yet to hear one. I work at the Largest Re-seller of ByDesign in the World and the higher ups here want me to tell them my opinion.. While I try to be non Bias (I have worked and reviewed some competing APIs and SDKs) ByDesign appears to be really behind the rest and not moving forward... I have been involved for several years and was part of the first American group to preview the Studio. There have been a lot of changes which are good,(Many are still bad like cross BU communication, UI Events...) however I am dumbfounded at this new approach.

Don't get me wrong I like templates and believe they have their place but I do not feel they are a replacement for scalable solutions unless the points above are addressed.

I could be crazy here and just not getting it.. So I am starting this discussion as a means to "Convince" myself and help me sleep better at night.

So please give me your opinions on the matter.