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Apr 24, 2013 at 12:05 PM

Prod. Order Restriction


Hi xperts,

I want to restrict the multiple production order based on Sales Order Items.

Suppose i am having SO say 1001 which contains four items(finished goods) say I1, I2, I4, I5.

Now i raised Production Order by selecting the SO 1001 and i have taken only one item(finished goods) I2.

Then in second time if i select same Item for same SO it should not allow me to add production order.

i have written below query but unable to map it.

Select Distinct T0.Series, T2.Series, T0.DocNum, T2.DocNum, T0.OriginNum, T0.ItemCode from OWOR T0 inner join WOR1 T1 on T1.DocEntry = T0.DocEntry

inner join ORDR T2 on T2.DocNum = T0.OriginNum and T2.CardCode = T0.CardCode

inner join RDR1 T3 on T3.DocEntry = T2.DocEntry and T3.ItemCode = T0.ItemCode

Where T0.OriginNum = '67'

and T0.ItemCode = 'P10001'