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Former Member
Apr 24, 2013 at 11:52 AM

Additional characteristics (TKEZU) to existing CO-PA postings


Hello all,

I have a question considering the data transfer from my SD order to CO-PA. I have the requirement of working with the delivery date (VBAK-VDATU) in CO-PA and derive some characteristics from that date (e.g. the day of week).

However, I've some problems of delivering the date to CO-PA, as date fields can not be directly copied from the order to a CO-PA characteristic. Therefore, I am using a custom text characteristic and an entry in table TKEZU to transfer the value to CO-PA.

This procedure works very well for current postings. However, I'd like to perform derivations my existing CO-PA postings for the purpose of comparison. I could use transaction KEND therefore, however, this transaction only re-performs the derivations and not the data transfer from my SD order to the CO-PA posting.

If I post a reversal (transaction KE4S00) and re-post my SD order (KE4T), my extra field VBAK-VDATU of TKEZU is again not delivered. Even more, I get the warning message 'posting is already existing', although there are reversal postin existing.

I'd appreciate any idea how I could enrich my CO-PA postings with the delivery date field.

Thank you all!

Best regards,