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Apr 24, 2013 at 09:02 AM

HRMD Idoc. "No structural authorisation for obj."



When processing an inbound IDOC (of type HRMD) we get the message "No structural authorisation for obj.". This is for object type CP i.e. central Person.

I then reprocess the IDOC, without changing any system settings or authorisations, and the IDOC processes perfectly!

I have a document on Structural Authorisations, therefore I am basically familiar with how this is set up and on our system everything looks fine for the IDOC userid.

I just don't understand why we get this message, and then reprocess (1 hour later) and it works fine? Nothing has changed on the system i.e. same authorisations exist, it is processed in the same way i.e. in background, with the same userid.

Has anyone experienced this, or can shed any light on this?

We get this error adhoc, and not often, usually once a month or so.