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Apr 23, 2013 at 06:54 PM

clearing reservations for Phantom assemblies



BOM Structure: VC Finished part has a phantom assembly. And the phantom assembly has three components.

VC Finished part Phantom Assembly Component1, Component2, Component3 SubAssembly1 SubAssembly2

Everything is set to backflush, components 'Final issued' with 'Clear reservations'. The VC Finished part is now shipped.

In TCode: MD04 for Phantom Assembly, I still see 'OrdRes - VC Finished part'. I understand that when I 'TECO' an order the reservations will go away (which will be every month for us).

My question- is there any work around to clear these reservations every few days? The strategy group is '40' for phantom (is this a fundamental flaw???) when VC Finished part has '20'.

Please guide me. Thank you