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Apr 23, 2013 at 01:07 PM

EHP6 upgrade hangs waiting for tp


Hi all,

im doing an ERP 6.0 upgrade (from 6.0 to EHP6 SPS06) on SQL 2008 R2 + Windows 2008 R2
When i reach the MAIN_SHDPREPUT/SQLSELEXE_TRUNCSHDLOADS_1 and TRUNCSHDLOADS_2 phases the upgrade seems running but its a wired situation because the upgrade does not proceed.
The MSSQL transaction log increase very quickly (and is in simple mode), fills the operating system disk and the upgrade stops.
If i retry the phase and manually kill the tp.exe process in the task manager (its the only one and does not use resource) the upgrade tool pass to the next phase and the transaction log stops increasing.

Running kernel is 721 UC patch 100
I have to try in test system with the latest kernel patch for tp (patch 111 is available on marketplace) but in the meantime i try to ask to you guys...

Is a known bug?
Any suggestion? SAP notes search does not help me...