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Apr 23, 2013 at 11:31 AM

BPC 10: How to read the status of package


Hi gurus,

I am in the following scenario. We have to load information (Master Data and Transaction Data) using differents package from the datamanager. We want to make a report with all the status of those packages. (name of the run package and the status). So I need to know:

- if there is any table in BW which store the status of the logs. So we can make an ABAP program that give us all package status.

- if I can make a report in BPC Excel for giving this information.

We are working with "very" final users, so we don't want they to go to datamanager and push view status. We just want a report to see the status, and it can be done in BW (with ABAP) or in a BPC report in Excel.

Thanks in advice.

Gorka I.