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Former Member
Apr 23, 2013 at 11:33 AM

read structure value into table



I would like to retrieve a value from the standard structure MCDOK belonging to a document record version of type draw (actually the fieldname is FRTXT which holds the release time window of the draw document version).

Unfourtnately this element is not stored in a table, if so it would be no problem to read it and e.g. assign as additional column to another table for output, but it's linked in a structure.

I already noticed that it's generally possible to assign structure values via field symbols as well e.g. if one defines an own structure. But I'm not aware how to get the structure value related to a specific version of an draw record which might be accessed by an loop over a table. In order to add it as column for output purposes.

Do anybody know how to get a structure value related to a specific instance of type draw ?

Many thanks in advance !