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Apr 23, 2013 at 09:27 AM

Problem with rff110s program in background task


I am facing a issue in workflow.

I have a back ground step(say submission) in which program rff110s is submitted with return statement for auto payment run.

after that i am getting data from reguh table(using select statement) which is updated through rff110s just submitted before.

program rff110s will create back ground job for auto payment run in which it will update reguh table.

As it is not updating reguh immediatly i used wait up 'X' second after submit rff110s and return statement.

Based on data selected from reguh table i am proceeding to the next step in workflow.

it is working in all systems, but in prodution some times it's hanging at that submission step and status is 'in process' but no error

in log. Entry is listed in SWPC, if i run SWPC it runs successfully.

why it's hanging some times at submission step? any clue? please help.