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Apr 22, 2013 at 10:38 PM

startup script does not connect to DB2


I have a ABAP only system installed with just Central instance on node 1 connecting to DB2 database. We wanted some kind of high availability for our CI but did not want to install the whole ERS with a second node. We decided to have kind of cold standby in which we would also have CI ready on node 2 and in case of a disaster which makes node 1 unavailable, I will simply start CI on node 2. So to set it up, I carried out the following steps:

created sidadm and db2sid users on node 2

created required file systems

copied the environments of users from node 1 to node 2

created additional instance profiles for node 2

HOwever, now when I try to startup CI on node 2, i get the error "Checking db Database Database is not available via R3trans Database db must be started first" But if do R3trans -d as sidadm user, it is successfull ??? any idea why startup script would not recognize the db running but Rrtrans would ??? Some kind of environment issue ?? Unfortunately, I do not have much DB2 experience to know how the startup process works

any ideas ?



More info:

the trans.log does not show any errors- which is in sync with the fact that R3trans -d is successful. However, to startsap log file gets created and not trace file in the work directory either.

Pls note: i have sidadm user and db2sid users on this server but i do not have any sap<db2sid> user. do i need that as well ?

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