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Jan 09, 2017 at 01:40 PM

BW Changes in Transport Request Issue



I have recently been deployed on a support project, I was asked to move a newly created BEx query from DEV to QAS. It was developed by the ex consultant. Also for this query, 2 new IObjects have been added to the exisiting DSO and routines were writtent for it.

I am not able to find the TR. I have been asked to create a new TR and move the Query along with DSO changes and routines from DEV to QAS.

I have tried collection using the Query in Transport Connection ( with only before grouping ) and it's showing many other objects also.

a) What's the correct method for this ? So that only the changes done in DSO ( 2 IOBJs ) with routines and the new created Query moves to the QAS system ? Please explain stepwise to correctly capture the flow in TR.

b) Also, will it going to disable the previous transformation in QAS system ? or DSO will be deactivated.