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BW Changes in Transport Request Issue


I have recently been deployed on a support project, I was asked to move a newly created BEx query from DEV to QAS. It was developed by the ex consultant. Also for this query, 2 new IObjects have been added to the exisiting DSO and routines were writtent for it.

I am not able to find the TR. I have been asked to create a new TR and move the Query along with DSO changes and routines from DEV to QAS.

I have tried collection using the Query in Transport Connection ( with only before grouping ) and it's showing many other objects also.

a) What's the correct method for this ? So that only the changes done in DSO ( 2 IOBJs ) with routines and the new created Query moves to the QAS system ? Please explain stepwise to correctly capture the flow in TR.

b) Also, will it going to disable the previous transformation in QAS system ? or DSO will be deactivated.



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2 Answers

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    Jan 10, 2017 at 02:15 PM


    Basically you can collect query using standard approach you already tried, the other way would be to open the query in edit mode and save it again but it will only capture the version/structure of the query and might miss enhanced/modified objects.

    You can check the details of transport request using Trnx: SE09, which will also allow you to remove & add objects from the request.

    As a hint please look for Global Key Figures like "Calculated/Restricted" key figures if you have not changed them then avoid transporting them unless you are sure about the synchronization about their definition.

    Regarding DSO's: Please capture the DSO, newly created infoobjects & the transformations in transport request.

    As you would transport DSO the transformation beneath it and above it will also be deactivated, thus either capture them in transport request else activate them directly in QA system using program.

    Hope it helps !!



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    • Former Member

      Thanks a lot.

      I have few more doubts :

      a) When Collecting DSO , I am not able to see the Active version of InfoObjects, there is no column in Transport Connection, So is it safe to simply select the new InfoObjects only when collecting DSO and move that to QAS ? Will it automatically append these new IOBJs to the DSO in QAS ?

      b) As historical data is required, any other program etc to empty the DSO in QAS before moving the TR ? or it has to be done manually.

      c) Above point will be applicable to PRD also ? How to empty the DSO in PRD ?

      d) Is it required to Delete the Delta Queue (RSA7) in ECC Dev and in ECC PRD ? If yes can it be manually done PRD or through a TR it is possible.

      warm regards,


  • Jan 10, 2017 at 01:15 PM

    a: please search, there are many documents available concerning the transports in bw.

    b: when transporting a changed dso, you need to transport the trfn to this dso, from this dso to next objects and dtp needs to be transported as well.

    always better to transport more objects than needed than not enough...

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