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Apr 22, 2013 at 01:52 PM

Talent assignment talent groups


Hello Guru's

Our customer wants to use Talent groups in a way that is slightly different as usual. Example: A talent will be assigned as approved by default to Talent group A for 3 monts. The duration is given in the duration start date and end date. However with the start of this assignment the talent becomes part of a flow in which the talent shall loop through talent groups in a chronological way. This talent will be transfered from group A to B and from B to C.

However the effective end date from the assignment can differ from the end duration date, if we try to edit the talent assignment and change the duration end date the system prompts an error warning: In a assignment you can not change start and end date. So in our thoughts we would make some custom fields to include in the HRP7400 table in which the effective start and end date can be filled by the user.

Our question is how to delimit a approved assignment from a talent to a talent group? Can we work arround the SAP error?

Kind regards.