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Apr 22, 2013 at 10:23 AM

PI 7.3 AEX Error - BPM



I am following this BPM document and doing development in PI 7.3 Single stack and NWDS of equivalent version.

But I am getting below error.

Scenario is Sender sends request to SAP PI and PI executes XSLT map and send it to BPM. Message is reaching BPM and giving this error :

Message could not be processed. Reason: Error encountered during processing of XI request message in

inbound ESP; Hint: - No operation found using soap

keys [], [cXML]. InterfaceMapping Object class: mappings: {BindingType=Soap, SEIName=Si_ReqMsg,

PortTypeQName={urn:name}Si_ReqMsg, Galaxy_SDO=true, InterfaceMappingID=57b8b8ac:13e1952d207:-7f62, SoapVersion=SOAP11, BindingQName={urn:name}Si_ReqMsgBinding}

Any clue to solve this ?