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Apr 19, 2013 at 10:20 PM

Hana Workspace for attributeview


Hey dudes,

Our team is coming together and we wanted to start using the workspace for our views we are creating - attribute, calculation, etc.

So i did the following:

1) created a workspace,

2) enabled the Hana Development view

3) checked out a package (i was surprised here that i had to check out a whole package and not just ONE attributeview)

4) I went to the workspace to work on my object and find that the icon is thinking that it is a text file.

I'm surprised that Hana doesn t know what it is. I r-clicked on it and selected OTHER programs and it displays a long list of internal programs for editing.

I'm still not finding a program listing to edit the attriobute view.

Am I missing it somehwere in the list?

Also is it possible for me to only check out the ONE attributeview and not the whole package?