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Apr 19, 2013 at 08:00 PM

Oracle Installation Questions Winserver


Hello Experts,

I'm trying to install a NW 7.01 system on Winserver 2008 R2 and Oracle 11G. I was checking the SWPM Installation Guide and It says

1st- Install the RDBMS with OU!

2nd - Apply the lastest SAP Oracle bundle (patchs)

3rd - Apply the Generic Windows paths

4nd - Install the NW with SPWM

I had no problems with step1, with step 2 I have this situation:

I read the "SAP Note 1631931 - Oracle 11.2.0: Patches / Patch collections for" with says I have to install the bundle patch and then the generic ones. So I first have to update the Opatch (SAP Note 839182 - Installing patches using OPatch") and the apply the readme instructions for SAP bundle Installation (Single instance), However, that note says:

The same operating system user that was used to install the Oracle software is also used when you install or uninstall patches using OPatch.

On UNIX or Linux, this is the user 'ora<dbsid>' or 'oracle'; on Windows, this is the user <SAPSID>ADM or <DBSID>ADM.

My first question is, at this moment the sap users are still no created (i prefer that SPWM take care of that part), I guess there won't be a problem by using the same user for which I install the Oracle Sotfware (wich is not <sapsid>adm), right? or Should I wait for SPWM to create the database + SAP and then apply the SAP Oracle Bundle patchs and generic ones?

Thanks for your time,