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Apr 19, 2013 at 05:41 PM

Dynamic Search Help


Hi experts,

Please let me know the code & process of doing dynamic search help.

Here I am describing the scenario--------

In the above screen 'Adjust System'(marked in red) has 2 dropdown values 'MA'

& 'MI'.

When 'MA' is selected 'Counterparty' (marked in blue) search help is set as dictionary search help(set in node property).It is already there.

Now the new change is----------

i. When 'MI' is selected from the dropdown value of 'Adjust System' then 'Counterparty' 

search help will be set as dynamic search help.

ii. If user selects 'MA' from the dropdown then again dictionary search help will be set

in 'Counterparty' search help & vice versa.

I will be really grateful if you can help me out to resolve the above said 2 points.

Thanks in advance.


Anindita Banerjee


SS.png (35.6 kB)