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Apr 19, 2013 at 05:13 PM

synchronization causing data loss


SUP Version - 2.1.3 PL01 Client - iOS

Customer is experiencing an issue

where the

client device is losing data that

has been flagged for synchronization

(SubmitPending) but has not been

explicitly pushed to SUP (Synchronize for

specific group not called

yet). The problem stems from submitted data that is

not explicitly


because the device did not have connectivity when the data

was created/modified. If you “SubmitPending” data, don’t

sync that data immediately, then a subsequent sync for a different sync

group occurs,

the pending data will be sent to the back end, but the local

data will

be reverted to the unsynced version of data.

f.ex. Create row 1 on device and call SubmitPending(): Aaa Bbb Ccc Null Null Null

Synchronize(Group1) Updated row shows up back

end: Aaa Bbb Ccc Null Null

Null Modify, save, submit pending data for row 1 on device while


(don't sync): Aaa Bbb Ccc Ddd Eee Fff Reconnect and Sync another

group (not Group1): Synchronize(Group2) Updated row shows on back end: Aaa Bbb

Ccc Ddd Eee Fff Device DB now contains: Aaa Bbb Ccc Null Null Null

A few


1. Is it expected behavior that pending data for a

sync group is sent


the back end even when Synchronize is called for a totally different


group that does not have any pending changes?

2. What is the

way to ensure

the created/modified data is not lost if

such a scenario is hit?