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Apr 19, 2013 at 02:12 PM

Can I use Web Service Utility SRT_UTIL to track web service calls for longer than 2 hours?


I love SRT_UTIL! I go to the CONFIGURATION tab and input a REQUEST URI for my web service. I then Activate the performance trace but not the functional trace (call stack-like stuff) or the payload trace (request / response stuff). I press the SAVE CONFIGURATION button to save my input and start tracing. Then, as people across our company call the web service there is a tidy log (on the PERFORMANCE TRACE tab) of who called this particular web service and when it was called. Wonderful!

But...when I save my input, there is a display only field that says ACTIVE TRACES ARE VALID UNTIL and the system puts a date/time that is two hours from when I created the trace. That's my problem / question. I would like to leave this trace (which is much less verbose, I assume, than the call-stack and request/respons traces) active for a longer period of time to get a better feel for web service use, of this particular web service, over time.

Simlarly, I used /SOAMANAGER's SOA Runtime Log/Trace Viewer. It gave me similar information and had timeframe options of "Last 30 minutes" up to "Last 24 hours". But nothing longer. 😔

Does anyone know how to get a longer trace window?

Thanks in advance,

Side note:

Since this function module is not used in ABAP code (e.g., called from programs) but is only called via a web service, I tried using the SAP “statistics” to get hits on the underlying function. I pulled the last 3 months of RFC stats using the /ST03G transaction (Global System Workload Analysis -> RFC Profiles). However, it seems that functions called solely as web services did not appear on this list. This report did indicate that the stats only apply to function calls "Started over RFC" which, I guess, means /ST03G will not work for functions called / started from a web service.