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Apr 19, 2013 at 09:25 AM

Papper less Preventive Maintenance


Dear All,

I am having a requirement to do paperless preventive maintenance. Requirement is as follows,

There is a regulation that each and every workcenter on the shop floor has to be checked regularly. There is a official questionnaire that contains more than 20 questions. The answer is either fulfilled (Ok), not fulfilled (Not Ok), partly fulfilled (something in between).

At the moment we schedule the check inside SAP – by the use of planned maintenance. But then they print the questionnaires in paper and fill them manually and come back. If something is Not Ok then someone from the maintenance department creates a PM-malfunction.

Is there a possibility to use this workcenter check paperless in standard SAP ?

For Example, create a task list for the questionnaire, then there is a checklist within SAP, they enter the reply/result of each question and if not ok then create PM-notification.

Your suggestions/inputs are appreciated.

Best Regards,

Babu Radhakrishnan