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Space issue due to Archiving

Hi Guys,

I have a query regarding Data Archiving in our PRD system. Many Archiving files are getting generated at the OS level as a result of the Archiving Jobs run and we are facing space issue as a result of this. The path for the files in our system is: /ixos/temp

and the files are :

0003DuYT.GNP                 ARCHSD133121130413.GNP0.arc

0003DuYT.GNPs                ARCHSD134843130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHMM223634140413.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD140631130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD092904260313.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD142324130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD094342290313.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD144002130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD094915080413.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD150000130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD094925080413.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD152041130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD095940260313.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD153905130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD100050290313.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD155628130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD104147250313.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD161322130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD110232250313.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD163153130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD112121250313.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD165103130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD113924250313.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD171000130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD115805250313.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD173006130413.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD122009130413.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD181427250313.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD123725130413.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD200020250313.GNP0.arc

ARCHSD125439130413.GNP0.arc  ARCHSD224752250313.GNP0.arc


Currently we are moving these files to a location where more space is there but is there a permanent

solution for this? Can we delete them permanently?



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3 Answers

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    Apr 19, 2013 at 09:10 AM

    Hi Madhura,

    Ideally an exchange path is created to hold the data temporarily. In you case the exchange path is The path for the files in our system is: /ixos/temp.

    Archiving process goes this way

    1) Write program will write the data into exchange folder .

    2) Store program will copy the date from exchange folder to Archive server storage pools.

    3) Delete program deletes the data from the database and should clear the files from the exchange folder.

    4) When you retrieve the files, file from archive server is pulled into the exchange path and then loaded into SAP screen for display.

    How to test before deletion

    1) Move these files to another location

    2) Test whether retrieval from archive works

    3) Delete the files from OS level

    4) Test whether retrieval from archive works.

    If above results are positive you may schedule a cron job on OS to regularly cleanup older files.

    Hope this helps.


    Deepak Kori

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  • Apr 19, 2013 at 08:56 AM

    Well, Archiving doesn't and shouldn't be directly linked to space saving but rather as a performance enhancing solution.

    As far as I can see you are using the FS as your repository, been that the case you need to provide space allocation sufficient to hold your archived data asuming you want that data to be available at SAP level.

    A permanent solution regardless of its nature (HTTP or FS repository) is going to need to hold the data until the retention period (set by either your own company policies or country legislation) expires, only then the data can be deleted.

    Hope this helps

    Regards, Juan

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    • Hi Madhura,

      I'm no IXOS expert but the files are located on a temp directory, I would assume that this is been used as a transfer directory and that the data is been stored in the final Opentext Archivng server. Taking that view they should be safe to delete.

      In anycase, you could contact IXOS and make sure that this is the case before proceeding.

      Thats my 2 cents.

      Regards, Juan

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    Apr 19, 2013 at 09:19 AM


    The question you have to ask is: Should this archived data be retrievable, for legal or functional reasons?

    If not you can delete the data.

    If for legal or functional reasons you need to be able to look up historical data (e.g. sales documents, financial data,...) you should keep your data on a safe place where it cannot be deleted or altered, like an archiving systems or a protected FS.

    When you move the data to a different location on the FS, please keep in mind that it will no longer be accessible from SAP unless you update it's location: SARA -> Archive object -> Management button -> open archive session -> double-click archive file.

    Kind Regards


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