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Apr 19, 2013 at 08:06 AM

New component treated as annual Exemption


Dear All,

As per my client's requirement, there is one component i.e Comp. Mod. Fld. Area Allowance has monthly Rs. 1000 exempted.

1. I created one wage type such as 100H.

2. Created one Tax code in v_t7int7 as SCMF.

3. Assigned it in v_t7int9. as below

100H L tax exmp limit based M monthly 1000 SCMF.

4. The wagetype is assigned in v_t7ina9.

5. Created a subtype in IT582 as CMFA.

6. Assigned it in schema ZNN1

as INCTX SCMF 100H A 100H Comp Mod Fld Area Allowance

But still I'm not able to get the desired result. In f16 the exemption is not there.

Plz guide.