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Apr 19, 2013 at 07:12 AM

Need a way to get the datasources in R/3 DEV which are created directly in R/3 Prod


Hi Experts,

We have done cloud migration recently. The exact scenario is as follow :

We have tacken system copy of original BI PROD to BI DEV, QA and PROD on cloud.

But for R/3 we have tacken system copy of original R/3 DEV to Cloud R/3 DEV.

But the problem is, before migration we had created some datasources directly in original R/3 PROD. Hence those datasources are not present in R/3 DEV on cloud because its a system copy of original R/3 DEV. (But BI DEV is system copy of original BI Prod 🤪).

We can not take system copy of R/3 Prod to R/3 DEV because we have done large developements in R/3 DEV after migration which we dont want miss.

Now our concern is how we can get those missing datasources back to cloud R/3 DEV.

Please let us know if there is any way in which we can get them from R/3 Prod or any other solution ??

Thanks in advance !


Govind Bhavar