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Apr 19, 2013 at 06:22 AM

Upgrade Plan - From BW 3.5 windows 2003 32bit to BW7.3 windows 2008 64bit


Hi Experts,

I am thinking about our company BW system upgrade plan and want to collect correct information.

After searching SDN for this kind of upgrade process, I listed what I should do for our upgrade plan, please help me to see if my steps is workable and advice me if there is another possible to do the upgrade.

As-Is --> Running SAP BW3.5 Netweaver 2004 with database Oracle, windows 2003 32bit environment.

To_Be --> Running SAP BW7.3 Netweaver 7.3 with database Oracle, windows 2008 64bit environment

Step 1 --> Install new windows 2003 operation system with 64bit

Step 2 --> Homogeneous system copy for our BW 3.5 from windows 2003 32bit to windows 2003 64bit.

Step 3 --> Upgrade database from to

Step 4 --> Upgrade BW3.5 to BW 7.3

Step 5 --> Migrate BW 7.3 from windows 2003 64bit to windows 2008 64bit.

Am my steps right? Any wrong steps need to adjust? Or other suggestions for my upgrade purpose?