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Apr 18, 2013 at 09:35 AM

Jar file in 7.3.1 version did not support old methods in WDJava on Migration


Hi experts

We are using the below import statements in our WD Java application developed in EP7.0 version



Now we are trying to migrate the code to 7.3.1

As per the SAP Note and excel sheet provided by the SAP to help migration, the above two interfaces are there in the below SC and jar file


After adding the dependency am getting a error in my code for the below line

IPropertyObject obj =provider.getPropertyObject(location,WDClientUser.getCurrentUser().getSAPUser());

am getting error saying that there is a no method for the above arguments string, IUser

but its showing that there is a method for string , IPortalComponentRequest.

I am not sure how we need to fix as in WD Java we normally do not use the IPortalComponentRequest at all.

If anybody is facing this issue and solved earlier can you please help me in this case.