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Apr 18, 2013 at 08:37 AM

Call RFC Function module from iOS App trough SUP


Hello Colleagues,

in SAP Backend I implemented a RFC Function Module with two import parameters and several output parameters (tables & structures). I also created

a MBO in SUP with a "other" operation that are mapped to the import and export parameters of the RFC. Now, I want to "access" these MBO from my mobile application to get data from SAP Backend

First, I call the MBO itselfs from my iOS App

Abschlussprojekt_OPEN_ACCT_ITEMSSearch_ContractOpertation *other = [Abschlussprojekt_OPEN_ACCT_ITEMSSearch_ContractOpertation alloc] init];

[other setIV_BUKRS: @"1000"];

[other setIV_RECNNR: @"0000000000447"];

[other save];

[other submitPending];

When running the application I got a "Replay Successful" Message but when I want to access the data from backend via coding line

SUPObjectList *tmpdata = [Abschlussprojekt_OPEN_ACCT_ITEMS findAll];

there are no data in it

So can you please help me?

Thanks in advance & Best regards,