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Apr 18, 2013 at 08:38 AM

WCEM 2 - Module IPC - how to extend VMC Classes?



I'm hope someone can bring me light on this one.. I've thought how to start describing the issue, and the best way I can put this " if you are a Java developer, have a look into the back-end services classes or bo classes... you will understand my pain ".

I'm facing a wall trying to make Pricing work properly while in the Catalog - and by working properly I mean doing the two extra miles that is not "coded" in those 10,000 lines classes scattered around the module.

Having a look how the function module calls work, I can only assume based on the fact its are calling a lot of 'deprecated modules' (Java Function Modules inside VMC) people in SAP was either too lazy to do it properly or they "forgot" to mark Java Enable Functions as not deprecated and also all the packages in the CRM.

Since the Catalog / IPC module in WCEM does not really use the 'standard' (and I don't like this word) function modules that are used during order maintain, we lose a lot of custom developed code in the item extension badi implementation that is used in the access sequences and inside the custom developed requirements, formulas and so on.

While I understand the fact a call to ABAP is required (even to reach directly the VMC, which is also super dumb if you ask me), I would like to maintain the "only one call is required" approach for speed - this way, it's in my understanding that an override on the SPC_CREATE_ITEMS function would be in place where I can perform the same that the BADI CRM_COM_COND_BADI performs and only them dispatch an updated version of the itemAttributes to VMC // IPC Classes.

Does anyone have any material about how to re-implement or extend classes (also, the SAP source code) contained in /0SAP/AP_SPC_DOCUMENT_IMPL module inside VMC?

Otherwise, does someone knows how could I make the IPC module call the ABAP stack (with correct back-end users) and only them dispatch the result to VMC?

I will grant points to anyone who gets 'close' of providing me any good information - SAP documentation about the old "Java Remote Methods" is non-existent or very hard to find.