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Apr 18, 2013 at 07:09 AM

Specified Group Order


Hi All,

I have a field called brand category.I applied group on this and the order is original order ,but with that original order as in database i need some specified order


brand_code category Brand_Category G- HOME Debenhams-HOME G- MENS ACCESSORIES Debenhams-MENS ACCESSORIES G- HOME CONCESSIONS Debenhams-HOME CONCESSIONS G- MENS WEAR Debenhams-MENS WEAR G- KIDS WEAR Debenhams-KIDS WEAR G- OTHERS Debenhams-OTHERS G- LADIES ACC OB Debenhams-LADIES ACC OB G- OWN BOUGHT Debenhams-OWN BOUGHT G- LADIESWEAR OB Debenhams-LADIESWEAR OB G- WOMENS WEAR Debenhams-WOMENS WEAR G- ACCESSORIES Debenhams-ACCESSORIES G- LINGERIE Debenhams-LINGERIE LF OTHERS FOOT LOCKER-OTHERS OC OTHERS Coast-OTHERS SV OTHERS Victoria's Secret-OTHERS TW ACCESSORIES Brand Warehouse-ACCESSORIES TW CLOTHING Brand Warehouse-CLOTHING TW OTHERS Brand Warehouse-OTHERS Z0 CARTIER Debenhams Cosmetics-CARTIER Z0 RIMMEL Debenhams Cosmetics-RIMMEL Z0 CLINIQUE Debenhams Cosmetics-CLINIQUE Z0 VERSACE Debenhams Cosmetics-VERSACE Z0 GIORGIO ARMANI Debenhams Cosmetics-GIORGIO ARMANI Z0 JUICY COUTURE Debenhams Cosmetics-JUICY COUTURE Z0 LOREAL Debenhams Cosmetics-LOREAL Z0 BOGART Debenhams Cosmetics-BOGART Z0 NARCISO RODRIGUEZ Debenhams Cosmetics-NARCISO RODRIGUEZ Z0 CHANEL Debenhams Cosmetics-CHANEL Z0 SHISEIDO Debenhams Cosmetics-SHISEIDO Z0 DAVIDOFF Debenhams Cosmetics-DAVIDOFF Z0 YOHJI Debenhams Cosmetics-YOHJI Z0 GIVENCHY Debenhams Cosmetics-GIVENCHY Z0 KANEBO Debenhams Cosmetics-KANEBO Z0 MAKE UP FOR EVER Debenhams Cosmetics-MAKE UP FOR EVER Z0 BOURJOIS Debenhams Cosmetics-BOURJOIS Z0 OTHERS Debenhams Cosmetics-OTHERS Z0 CHLOE Debenhams Cosmetics-CHLOE Z0 ST. DUPONT Debenhams Cosmetics-ST. DUPONT Z0 DOLCE & GABBANA Debenhams Cosmetics-DOLCE & GABBANA Z0 YSL Debenhams Cosmetics-YSL Z0 GUCCI Debenhams Cosmetics-GUCCI Z0 LA PRAIRIE Debenhams Cosmetics-LA PRAIRIE Z0 MAX FACTOR Debenhams Cosmetics-MAX FACTOR Z0 BURBERRY Debenhams Cosmetics-BURBERRY Z0 PACO RABANNE Debenhams Cosmetics-PACO RABANNE Z0 CHOPARD Debenhams Cosmetics-CHOPARD Z0 THIERRY MUGLER Debenhams Cosmetics-THIERRY MUGLER Z0 DUNHILL Debenhams Cosmetics-DUNHILL Z0 GUERLAIN Debenhams Cosmetics-GUERLAIN Z0 LALIQUE Debenhams Cosmetics-LALIQUE Z0 MAYBELLINE Debenhams Cosmetics-MAYBELLINE Z0 BVLGARI Debenhams Cosmetics-BVLGARI Z0 PUPA Debenhams Cosmetics-PUPA Z0 CHRISTIAN DIOR Debenhams Cosmetics-CHRISTIAN DIOR Z0 U MUJER Debenhams Cosmetics-U MUJER Z0 ESCADA Debenhams Cosmetics-ESCADA Z0 HELENA RUBINSTEIN Debenhams Cosmetics-HELENA RUBINSTEIN Z0 LANCOME Debenhams Cosmetics-LANCOME Z0 MICALLEF Debenhams Cosmetics-MICALLEF Z0 CAROLINA HERRERA Debenhams Cosmetics-CAROLINA HERRERA Z0 RALPH LAUREN Debenhams Cosmetics-RALPH LAUREN Z0 CLARINS Debenhams Cosmetics-CLARINS Z0 VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Debenhams Cosmetics-VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Z0 ESCENTRIC MOLECULES Debenhams Cosmetics-ESCENTRIC MOLECULES Z0 HERMES Debenhams Cosmetics-HERMES Z0 LOEWE Debenhams Cosmetics-LOEWE Z0 BOBBI BROWN Debenhams Cosmetics-BOBBI BROWN Z0 MORRIS Debenhams Cosmetics-MORRIS

i need like this




and then same order as in database


Debenhams Cosmetics-JUICY COUTURE

Debenhams Cosmetics-LOEWE

Debenhams Cosmetics-BOGART


and then same as in database